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Savvy investors are now turning to the next level of investments and we want to ensure that you are kept abreast of the latest investment opportunities. Equity Gain is now offering clients an opportunity to invest as little as $77,000 to control 3 x investment properties in different states of Australia, through a Unit Trust. Our Financial Planning and CPA Accounting partners have prepared the numbers in the attached brochure for you to review.

The Unit Trust model differs from a traditional investment property purchase as there is no debt within the Unit Trust. This means that the investment is cash-flow positive from day one! This makes it a great investment opportunity for anyone with a SMSF already set up or for anyone with $200K in combined superannuation who are interested in learning more about being able to manage your own SMSF.

Alternatively, if you are not in a position to purchase an investment property yourself, you may be in a position to invest in a Unit Trust, which still gives you the same benefits of direct property ownership, without 100% of the upfront costs.

If you would like to find out more or know anyone that we can help to improve their financial position, fill in the form today so that we can be in touch with you to see if you qualify to move forward with this opportunity or if we have another opportunity that will suit you better.


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Equity Gain is a leading provider of property investment services across Australia. Our team of qualified professionals will guide you every step of the way on your property investment journey.

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