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You might think that getting a loan for an investment property is simply a case of going to one of the four big banks and asking for a loan. This is actually what most novice investors do. But, there’s a much better way.

Mortgage Brokers Provide Tailored Solutions

Experienced investors talk to a mortgage broker who ascertains which bank or finance institution will work best for a particular situation. Each bank (or non-bank lender) has different mortgage products to suit different lending situations. A bank that suits your next door neighbour may not necessarily suit you. In addition to this, there are many different types of loan structures available and combining different loan products requires specialist knowledge.

Our brokers are members of the leading Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA)

Property and finance specialists at Equity Gain are fully qualified and accredited with all Major Banks and Financial institutions. They are members of the leading National Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) which is your guarantee that you are dealing with creditable companies. To gain membership to this prestigious organization, they have demonstrated their compliance with the MFAA’s code of ethics and their very high standards regarding all aspects of finance and property investment.

Equity Gain’s mortgage brokers are in constant contact with lenders to source the most competitive rates in the industry, so that we can pass on the savings to you.

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Our Lending Panel

iRates Finance / Australian Credit License 470052
Blue Key Finance / Australian Credit License 364452

How do you know which loan to choose?

Here are just a few that are available, all with their own criteria.

Principal and Interest Loan
Interest Only Loan
Commercial Loan
Offset Loan
Redraw Facility

Line of Credit
Split Line of Credit
Reverse Mortgage
Capitalised Loan
Cross Collateralized Loan

Mortgage Elimination Loans
Fixed Interest Loan
Variable Interest Loan
Part Fixed/Part Variable Loan
Timed Interest Loan …
and many, many more

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Financial Calculators

Our interactive calculators will help you crunch the numbers so you can understand your borrowing capacity and repayment options. Our calculators are only a general guide. Contact Equity Gain to discuss your lending requirements.

Borrowing Power Calculator

A calculator to give you an idea of how much you can borrow and what your mortgage repayments might look like.

Loan Repayment Calculator

Calculate your estimated home loan repayments and see how much interest is paid over the life of your mortgage.

How Long To Repay Calculator

Use this calculator to work out how long it will take you to pay off your loan based on your repayments and interest rates.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Use this calculator to give you a guide as to how much you (and your partner) need to pay in stamp duty.

Saving calculator

Use this calculator to give you an idea of what you could save by making regular deposits into a high interest account.

Extra Repayment Calculator

Use this calculator to give you a guide to how much quicker you could pay off your loan with extra payments.

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